Wednesday, December 30, 2009


so I've decided to begin sending postcards with poemics and about poemics. so there is the poemic strip, some text about the art of poemics, and the japanese-style stamp - and all of these quite minimalistic :).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

poemics and mailart

I just got a beautiful mailart from Deborah Davidson. I feel I must do something about it, so I'm creating this blog. Deborah has posted my mailart here, that's how I got the tiger! it was worth it. well, I've learned how to make my own japanese style seal thanks to the information on her blog - the symbol I use is a "szren", which can also be typed as -.^ and which is based on the shape of my left eyebrow. you can see more examples of szrens here, here or here :).

as I am a poemic artist, I would like to use this blog to promote poemics. I am not planning to do too much of mailart, but anyway, if I find an interesting project where a poemic strip placed on a postcart could be accepted, I might try to participate. and if you want to send me a piece of your mailart, especially when elements of comics and poetry are put together (I mean comics and poetry in a wider sense, this can simply be words on an image, or text in comic frames), please let me know somehow (for example by e-mail: pszren(at)wp(dot)pl. I will be glad to make a photo of it and place it here. I hope you don't mind me making photos of me reading your mailart. or perhaps I should just scan it? anyway, let's do something. all the best to you!